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HOA & Property Management Compliance

At Ridgeway Construction, Inc., we understand the importance of compliance and safety for multi-family residences. As a CSLB-licensed contractor, we have the necessary qualifications and experience to perform inspections and repairs on decks and balconies for multi-family dwelling units, including residential homes and condos. With our 25 years of expertise, we ensure that your property not only meets all regulatory standards but also maintains these standards over time. This includes detailed reporting and adhering to strict repair timelines as required by law. Should your property require it, our seasoned professionals are ready to address any necessary repairs to avoid civil penalties and ensure the safety and integrity of your buildings. Trust us to keep your property compliant and secure.

We can help you with the SB 721 and SB 326 compliance needs:

  • SB 721 – Inspect elevated exterior elements in multi-unit buildings
  • SB 326 – Ensure balcony and deck safety in condos

From the CSLB Website:

“Senate Bill (SB) 721 establishes requirements for inspecting and repairing ‘exterior elevated elements,’ which includes decks and balconies, for buildings with three or more multi-family dwelling units. Additionally, it establishes reporting and repair requirements, including timeframes, if it is found repairs are needed. This bill also specifies who can complete the inspections and repairs – such as ‘A’ General Engineering, ‘B’ General Building, and C-5 Framing and Rough Carpentry contractor license classifications, if specified experience requirements are met. Also, this bill provides for application of civil penalties if building owners violate the requirements. (Chapter 445, Statutes of 2018)”

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